By Elizabeth Cheruto / Calendar Editor

For the first time LBCC, will offer Winter classes. President Eloy Oakley said in a newsletter that LBCC will offer 45 classes at the normal $46 per unit rate and six classes under the controversial AB955 classes that are to be funded by students who enroll in them at $225 per unit.

Units taken during the intersession will be counted toward Spring semester enrollment for students, according to the LBCC 2013 catalogue.
Online priority registration will be through Dec. 14 and Dec. 17 will be the last day to pay for Winter classes. The online open registration goes Dec. 23 to Jan. 4. During online registration, the college will be closed.

According to the LBCC website, late registration begins Jan. 6 and students will need a permission number to enroll. The website lists Jan. 7 as the last day to drop classes. If a student completes three units in Winter intersession or extension courses and then only enrolls in nine units for the Spring semester, the student will be considered full-time, according to the website.

The Winter courses will be taught at a fast pace while the four-week and five-week sessions are offered between Fall and Spring semesters. The college website states Winter intersession and extension courses will be counted into a student’s completion ratio and satisfactory academic progress at the end of the Spring semester.

According to the website, money is available for Financial Aid students with an unmet need to receive assistance with purchasing books for Winter intersession or extension courses, with $150 per qualifying student. Although the courses are offered in the same time frame, distinct differences are made. The $46-per-unit fee will be covered by the Board of Governors’ grant fee waiver for qualified students.

Health fees are $15 and no parking fees will be charged. Extension courses fees for Board of Governors’ Grant eligible students enrollment fees are $225 for in-state resident students. Waiver-eligible students receive a $70 discount and a $65 Foundation discount.

James Routson, 24, an accounting major, said he would have liked to attend Winter session, but the idea of LBCC implementing the AB955 program is keeping him away completely.
Routson said, “I think the Winter session pilot program is something that is being set up as a test to look into privatizing public education. I will just take five classes next semester to make sure I can transfer out for Fall.”
LBCC officials said students who enroll during the online open registration period will have a hold placed on an account until the fees are paid. During this time, students will not be allowed to add any classes. Students may call the enrollment Services at (562) 938-4485 or visit the Enrollment center for details.