By Cesar Hernandez / Staff Writer

As the April 8 date gets closer for Board elections, candidates keep campaigning to earn votes. Jose Mirales, 32, an undeclared major, has a close eye on the race. Mirales said, “The race for the Board has candidates from different locations. Former LBCC professor Greg Slaughter is running for District 5 and former USC professor Marshall Belofsky is running for District 1.”

Virginia Baxter candidate running for district 5 has received endorsement from Gov. George Deukmejian, Mayor Beverly O’Neill, Long Beach Unified School District Superintendent Chris Steinhauser, Board Members Jon Meyer and Diana Craighead and many others.

Greg Slaughter has received endorsement from the National non-patrician Latino police officer association, the Long Beach chapter and the Long Beach police border patrol.
Candidates also mentioned how their campaigns are coming along. As Baxter said “I am having my first fundraiser Dec. 8. I am learning a lot about running for office and feel I should write a book, how to run for office, after the election.”

Slaughter said, “I want to restore our vocational programs to assist our students, veterans and community, and provide responsive leadership in the variety of issues facing our city college with an emphasis on fairness to our students, faculty, classified staff and community and work to curb the bureaucracy that currently strangles the college.” Belofsky said, “The Board and president are moving LBCC in the direction of for profit education instead of public education.”