By Robert Fullingim / Staff Writer

Motorcyclists have fewer parking options available now that parking spots near the B Building are converted to handicap parking while the C Building is renovated at the LAC.

The converted spots were in Parking Lot I adjacent to the B Building, but the other spots allocated for motorcycle parking are left untouched around campus.
A total of 30 motorcycle parking spots are designated in Parking Lots I, H and C and 15 spots in the parking structure on the ground level.
Mark Taylor, LBCC’s public affairs director, said, “The motorcycle spaces in front of the B Building have been temporarily converted to blue spaces as a result of the renovation of the C Building.

They will return to motorcycle spaces once the project is complete in approximately 18 months.” Jessica Hauter, 23, a criminal justice major, is a student assistant who helps with parking enforcement for LBCC. She said, “Motorcycle parking is not really a problem on campus. Even on the busiest days of the week, there are always parking spots available.”

Hauter said motorcyclists are not allowed to park on sidewalks and motorized vehicles that are not authorized by LBCC are not allowed on any pedestrian walkways. Parking should never be a problem as motorcycle spots never fill up, but if they do, students are allowed to park in normal parking spots since the cost for the parking permits are the same, but Hauter said she never sees that either.

Hauter said, “A student who wants to register their motorcycle just has to pay for parking and then give their license plate number to the college so we can double-check their registration when we do our rounds.” This is unique to motorcycles as the parking permits can be easily stolen.

Kelly Harvey, 52, a math major, started driving a scooter he originally bought for his daughter after fighting for parking on his first day of class more than a year ago. He said, “I never have a problem with parking and if a group of spots fill up, I can just drive to another section of parking spots and I know they will be open.”

Harvey does not see a problem with motorcycle parking and said people should not complain about extra handicapped spaces. He said, “If people are complaining about extra handicapped spaces, that’s pretty low.”