By Cesar Hernandez / Staff Writer

Daija Becka, 18, a culinary art major, was nervous at first about needles, but decided to donate a pint of her blood to the Red Cross, when she attended blood drive on Wednesday, Nov. 20, in the Fish Bowl at the LAC.

The Fishbowl was crowded with participants waiting to give their donation. Becka said her first time experience donating blood was rewarding. She said, “It’s rewarding, knowing that you will help out many out there who are in need of help.” Students were on a bed as they donated a pint of blood. And then asked to eat and drink high sugar snacks.

Anistasia Sanchez, 18, a nursing major, described how a donation of blood has more worth than money can buy. “Donating blood is more valuable than donating money to any charity.” As the line of participants kept flowing out of the Fishbowl with bandages on their arms, students described the health benefits to donating blood. As Juan Islas, 21, an undeclared major, said, “Donating a pint of blood is equal to a half an hour of cardiovascular exercise.”

In addition, students mentioned their gratitude of having the Red Cross at LBCC as Roselin Michael, 23, an undeclared major said, “This is an awesome opportunity and good for people to participate.”
Also Clarice Kavanahugh, event coordinator, mentioned her appreciation and said, “We love these events. We know a lot of people don’t know much about their local chapters where they can donate, so by having these events, people become more aware on how to donate.”

As the event drew to a close, the endless amount of students willing to donate kept showing up. Edgar Saldana, a Tech 1 nurse, said, “It is great to see people worried for other people who are in need of a donation.” For information, people may call 1(800) RED CROSS.