Katie Cortez
Katie Cortez

Of all the differences between Cal State L.B. and LBCC, the one that seems to stand out the most to students over age 21 is a lack of a bar on either of LBCC’s campuses. I am not saying students need another place to get wildly drunk between classes, we have the Thirsty Isle on Carson Street for that, but some of us would like an on-campus refuge as a place to study and kill time with an ice-cold beer in hand. Drinking alcohol is something that comes with the territory of being a college student, no matter what kind of college you attend.

Of course, there are some who choose not to drink and would think this kind of behavior is inappropriate for a college campus, but the last time I checked, this isn’t a private school or a dry campus.

An on-campus bar could indeed open up some money-making opportunities for the school. Clubs and sports teams could use the bar for fundraisers and the school would have another revenue source similar to the Viking Express and the Food Courts. It would give jobless students an on-campus place to work, much like the Campus Stores. I understand alcohol is often frowned upon by parents and other authority figures, but at the same time, I think it would encourage students to get more involved with school activities or work on projects with classmates.

Having a bar on campus would give students another place to mingle and get to know each other on a more personal level. Bars have historically provided us another way to meet new friends and make new networking contacts for our future careers. It would help strengthen the Viking student community. An on-campus bar at LBCC would be a place for students 21 and older to gather together and enjoy some of the perks of being an adult college student. If students want to have an on-campus place to have a beer and mentally prepare themselves for their next class, we shouldn’t have to walk down the street to grab a beer when we could just walk to a closer part of campus.

Despite authoritative belief, an on-campus bar would be a positive asset to LBCC.
It would also give me a place to get a cold Pabst Blue Ribbon between classes without losing my parking spot.