By Ana-Maria Ramirez / Staff Writer

Students were in for a treat as they had the opportunity to learn how to sway their hips from left to right dancing to Hawaiian music. Lisa Jay, with a master‘s degree in dance and head of dance at Laguna Beach High School, taught the master class in Hawaiian dance Wednesday, Nov. 6 at the LAC in Q113 dance studio.

Frank Nuno, 28, a theatre arts major, said, “If LBCC would offer more master dance classes, I would readily attend them. It’s always good to have special opportunities for the students. “Master classes are special treats that the students could relish and enjoy. So much money is being cut and tuition is rising so much over the years, so it is good to see students spoiled for a change. “It’s a great way of having fun, making new friends, and having new opportunities. Expanding my horizons. The experience has inspired me to take dance classes next semester.”

Sheree King, theater, dance and film teacher, said, “I applied for a grant and was funded by the ASB to enhance what we do here. I wanted to augment normal curriculum so they can get broader in dance. “
From chanting to moving hips, movement techniques and Hawaiian dance history, students had a workshop where they learned the basic foot and palm movements, along with the instruments used to make the music. Jessica Prado, 20, a foreign language major, said, “I currently take Pilates, salsa and ballet classes. I’m excited to do the workshop tonight. I also get extra credit.”

Lisa Jay said, “I chose a song that both women and men can dance to as this is a one-time workshop. The song is ‘Cazimero’ performed by the Brothers. I have over 20 years in Hawaiian dance and I just got my last certificate in yoga. I’m continuously trying to diversify.” Jewls Lagman, 19, an environmental engineering major, said, “I previously danced to Hawaiian before. I feel this workshop brought everyone together from different backgrounds and experience. I really liked this workshop a lot.” Maria Gomez, 19, a music major, said,” I’m excited to learn Hawaiian dance. I currently take jazz and just found out today about this class. It would be helpful to find out in advance.”