Ronald Webster

I just wanted to add my name to the list of those who are somewhat saddened to learn of Dr. Joseph Danner’s retirement because I know that it may be that no one can take a class from this excellent teacher again. I hope I’m wrong, I’m not sure of the reason, or reasons, for his retirement, or that he won’t be coming back to teach at City or somewhere else. I’ve had so many good teachers there that I would be hard-pressed to choose one as my favorite, but, of my favorites, he would certainly be the first to come to mind.

Because of the economy of recent years, it’s become rare that I can even afford to take classes anymore and I value them so much. When I took his chemistry class some time ago, I did so with anxiety.
Like all students, I’m both anxious to learn and anxious to do well. That said, I count learning as far more important than grades. Sometimes I actually want to take a class a second time. I even have an “illegal grade” on my transcript because I retook a class I passed.

I didn’t pass Dr. Danner’s, but that was of no consequence to me. He made it fascinating to me by multiple means. One of which was by taking frequent advantage of his office hours.
I value those meetings greatly for all that I learned from them. Just being able to pick the brains of the greatly educated has to be one of the most rewarding aspects of higher education. I do so wish that more had the opportunity.
Let me close by saying again how disappointed I am that this great source of knowledge and leadership, this great artisan of teaching, may no longer be available to others and by saying how grateful I am to have benefited from his presence there.