By Brielle Dixon

Staff writer

The Fall 2012 Viking Award winners are Jenny Castillo, Alexa Castonon, Regina Smith, Amy “Kit” Leinen, Melvin Morgan and Gina Wilson.

The Student Senate presented Honor Certificates, Crystal and Star awards to more than 50 students Tuesday Dec. 4 at The Grand in Long Beach. Thursday, Dec. 6 The ASB Cabinet and PCC Student Council will present “Mingle and Jingle” and award the Viking to six students.

The events recognize and award LBCC students who were nominated by students and advisers and meet award requirements, to include GPA, number of units taken and dedication to LBCC to name a few.

Students who are selected to receive the Viking Award must be part of a wide range of extra curricular programs.

Before students can be  awarded, they must have already received an honor certificate and PCC Crystal or LAC Senate Star awards.

“I think it’s great that students have a chance to achieve awards. Once you have received one award, that makes you want to go on and achieve some more especially to stand out among your fellow peers,” said, Mike Jones, 19, an undecided major said.

Three out of the six award winners were associated with the ASB

Although some students are relishing in recognition some like Nicole Harris, 18, a kinesiology major are unaware that students win awards every semester.

“I never heard of the Viking Award or any of the other awards. I wish the ASB would have given more information about how to achieve these prestigious awards. Since I’m a freshman, I don’t know much about a lot of special things that goes on at my school,” Harris said.