I would like to add some thoughts on the passing of former LBCC political science and history professor, Raymond Rodriguez,

He was the first professor I had at LBCC when I took his history 10 back in the fall of 1985. Because of his enthusiasm and breadth of knowledge, he inspired me to pursue a degree in history at CSULB. I had chosen him as my professor because I enjoyed reading his column in the Press-Telegram.

In later years, I invited him to speak to one of my social studies classes at Wilson High, and the students thoroughly enjoyed his presentation. Ray and I later became good friends and then ended up being neighbors. We once met for lunch, and I was invited to his home on occasion. Prof. Rodriguez autographed Decade of Betrayal, his outstanding research on the displacement of Mexican-American citizens during World War II. I’ll miss chatting with him on the phone as well as dropping by his home for a visit.

Gerald P. Lunderville
Art History major