Story by Eliza de la Flor

Photos by Caleb Ellis

T.k Sun Neth spent the weekend of Saturday and Sunday, Sept. 28-29 immersed in a  wing chun kung fu seminar in Signal Hill at West Coast Wing Chun, the school where he has been studying the martial art for nearly  three years.
The seminar guest was wing chun grandmaster Samuel Kwok, one of six masters on the World Martial Arts Council.
Students and instructors came from San Diego, Layton, Utah, Phoenix, Arizona and the United Kingdom.
Kwok spoke on wing chun proverbs and maxims, known as “kuen kuit.” Kwok described the sayings as being “like a bible of sayings, a collection of keys to understanding the practice better.” Kwok would give an example of a proverb, explain the principles behind it, and give a brief physical demonstration. After, students partnered to attempt the technique and receive feedback from Kwok and the gathered instructors.
Neth, 23, a culinary arts major,  had a mentor who introduced him to wing chun. When Neth started researching wing chun, he found the movie “Ip Man” and he “was really pumped to go learn immediately. And to find out that Bruce Lee trained in wing chun, that got me to take the first step to go learn.”
Students from the affiliated schools were encouraged to partner with each other and get to know their extended kung fu “family.”
Neth has been to several seminars and said they “are always a fun and eye-opening experience. It’s nice meeting other people around the world who do wing chun.”