By Elizabeth Cheruto / Co-News Editor

America issued a travel advisory to Kenya four days after the Kenyan Foreign Minister Amina Mohammed said three Americans were suspects in the latest terrorist attacks in Kenya.
The three terrorists were of Somali origin. They came to the U.S. through a refugee program and acquired American citizenship. I fail to understand how they could shame the country that gave them an opportunity to improve their lives.
Kenya was the latest target of Al-Shabaab, an affiliate of Al-Qaeda.
I will never understand what goes through a terrorist’s mind that would make him or her want to kill innocent people. For three days, starting Saturday, Sept. 21, Al-Shabaab attacked an upscale mall in Kenya killing 67, hospitalizing 175. 65 are still unaccounted for.
More than a 1,000 were rescued.
Two Americans at the scene were New York Times photographer Tyler Hicks and his wife Nichole Sobeckil, also a photojournalist.
Following the Kenyan attack, the British high commission issued a traveling advisory to the English rugby team The England Royals advising them to fly back to England, which forced the team to withdraw from the Safaricom Sevens rugby competition. The Royals were scheduled to play the Kenyan team.
Kenya relies on tourism to boost its economy and the attack was an isolated incident. I hope the attack will not lead to more traveling bans to Kenya from other Western countries.
Seeing it unfold, I could only think of terrorists as cowards with a mind for destruction and the intention to instill fear.
One lesson we can learn from their attacks is that giving into their demands only empowers them to stage more acts.
I credit many countries, including America, for not giving in to terrorist demands.
Terrorist groups’ attempts to showcase their despicable and beastly acts only confirms that their primary motive is to gain cheap publicity.
Many attackers claim to be terrorizing other nations in the name of Islamic religion, but many Islamic leaders and groups have refuted the claim, stating their religion does not condone terrorism.
Kenya has had its share of terrorist attacks. In 2008 the American embassy in Kenya was attacked, killing 224 people, including six Americans.
I think terrorists are people full of hate who have no hope in life, so they take innocent lives to try prove a point that is only known to them.
They lived as cowards and they died as cowards. My hope is soon, the world will unite and come together to put an end to terrorism.