By Brittany Lieberman / Co-News Editor

Formerly known as the E.Q.U.A.L.I.T.E.E club, Egalitaria has created a monthly student-produced zine that mixes socially conscious commentary, creative slap-stick art, local music reviews and other uncensored tidbits aimed at shaking things up on campus.
Egalitaria is a separate publication from LBCC’s City magazine, which is produced by journalism, photography and art classes. Yvet Perez, Egalitaria’s editor-in-chief, said, “It’s extremely different.
“The ‘City’ magazine has a cleaner layout. It’s less art-based. Our goal is to not take ourselves too seriously.”
Perez started the club last Spring with mixed intentions. Perez said, “It started as two separate clubs, but we combined them into one that focuses on social issues and forward-thinking artwork.”
Perez said the club’s intentions are primarily to promote student artworks. “We know LBCC’s student population is a creative bunch. They can publish with us and get their stuff out there through the zine.” To submit work to the zine contact the club at
Perez said students can expect articles, poems, artwork, short stories, rants, hand-drawn comics, photography, advice columns, advertisement mockery and other alternative multi-media.
Perez said, “We also want to showcase that serious subjects can be humorous, too.” Lauren Christine Ho, President of Egalitaria, joked, “Sometimes we’re funny.”
Perez and Ho have high hopes for the zine’s circulatory success. “Magazines attract a younger generation. Newspapers and regular magazines are awesome, but zines are more personal and let you say what you actually think without being censored,” said Perez.
The monthly zine is free and will be available at racks provided by the club throughout the PCC and the LAC. Egalitaria meets Wednesday from 3-5 p.m. in Building E’s College Center at the LAC.