By Brittany Lieberman / News Editor

After campaigning and competing for the ASB vice presidency, Ashley Smith, 20, a biology major, won with 79 votes. Opponent David Moreno, a political science major, received 72 votes. “I feel honored I get to serve the students at LBCC. It’s my last year here and I want to make the most of it. Mostly I want to make a positive change on campus,” Smith said. ASB co-advisor Maya Cardenas said, “I hope and am sure Ashley will represent the student body.”

The ASB government had elections for the executive positions of vice president, secretary and treasurer Tuesday, Sept. 10 through Thursday, Sept. 13 at both the LAC and the PCC. No students ran for treasurer or secretary, although voters had the option to “write-in” a candidate name for either position.

Secretary and treasurer positions remained vacant because none of the write-in candidates received the minimum of 50 votes required to earn a seat on the ASB Executive Board. “After six weeks the ASB president has the right to appoint candidates for the vacant positions,” Cardenas said. Moreno was appointed Cabinet treasurer.

According to the ASB Constitution, any student that meets candidacy requirements may apply for an interview with the ASB Executive Board. Interested students can visit for further information. Electronic voting booths were available to students who have paid for the $20 College Services Card.

Online voting also took place via Cabinet position requirements include a 2.5 GPA minimum, enrollment in at least six units and a 150-word testimonial outlining the positive impact they will bring to LBCC. For more information on applying students can contact student life coordinator Maya Cardenas at (562) 938-3088 or by email at