Construction is extensive and ongoing at the LAC and the PCC. The construction promises major long-term benefits to LBCC, but the work is little consolation to students who will most likely transfer or graduate before the project’s end.

The Unified Master Plan from the Cambridge West Partnership calls for construction to proceed in phases through the year 2020. For current students, the plan means chances are excellent that construction will be a permanent part of their time at LBCC. With the budget tightening every year and the cost of classes and resources climbing, it’s hard to see the justification for the inconvenience to students. We see some present benefit since some of the projects will be completed in time for current students to enjoy them.The A Building opened for students in the Spring. It is conveniently located and has been well received by the students. The Front Quad is also cool.

Despite the dead trees, it was the perfect venue for Join-a-Club day and will definitely come in handy as a public space in the future. As for Parking Lot A, it’s been closed down “just in case” the new contractors dealing with the trees in the front quad decide they need it. Until then, it’s closed. If the school needed to, they could clear a parking lot to make room for construction instead of wasting space. The construction of the new math and technology building has also forced the closure and relocation of parking lot J. The new Lot J comes complete with a loss of three staff stalls and a loss of all student parking. Parking is already the bane of student life. Construction hasn’t helped. The problem with construction is the day-to-day inconvenience.

The front of the A Building is less than 100 yards from the Library entrance, but with construction, it’s a considerably longer distance to walk all the way up to the north end of campus just to circle back around to the Library’s front door. Every few days, you can spot a student lost in the maze of construction fences. It’s also impossible to eat outdoors most days without being bombarded by noise and dust. At the PCC, constraints from construction have left students without a proper Food Court, relying instead on food trucks. As the project crawls along, it seems students have no choice but to endure and hope they get to enjoy at least some of the new facilities before they leave.