By Eliza de la Flor / Copy Editor

The new Food Court leaves me hungry for answers. Also food. Feels like I’m paying more for everything, and “everything” these days means a more limited selection compared to past semesters.

Aramark previously held the contract, and I’m not saying it was a foodie paradise. However, salads were available after 2 p.m. That’s right – the new Food Court contract is with S&B foods, and for some reason, the company has decided salads after 2 p.m. are not cost-effective.

One of the first days of class, I watched a young woman’s distress steadily rise as she tried to negotiate a salad with the gentleman at the sandwich station. After she showed little regard for the apparently very stringent no post-2 p.m. salad policy, the gentleman suggested she grab a pre-made salad, but she was a defiant vegetarian and all the salads contained chicken. Another student and I asked why he couldn’t make her a “sandwich” with no bread, and then he replied he had no container to put it in.

Guess the sandwich boxes explode unless there’s bread inside, or something. Maybe they’re trying to raise funds for additional salad availability by charging 25 cents for an empty cup. Seriously, don’t try to leave the cafeteria with a cup containing the oatmeal you brought from home without paying one of the nice cashiers a quarter.

In a Viking article Aug. 1, former Student Trustee Jason Troia said, “The quality of the food will be above the quality given by Aramark” and “students should see a little cost savings.” Dave McDonald, owner of S&B, was quoted as promising, “One-dollar corn dogs and tossed salads, individual thrown pizzas, and a pasta bar (meal deal) with choices of ingredients and a drink to cost $6.50.” Where is my personal-size pizza?

Where is my affordable pasta-and-fountain-beverage option? I don’t even like corn dogs. But if my fellow students were promised them, then corn dogs you should get! If the ASB approved the contract, as evidenced by Troia’s comments, then why are they not taking action? The PCC’s food truck probably has more options than the present Food Court, and I bet nothing is limited to specific times of day. Prices are no better, and indeed higher in some cases. Selection is more limited. It’s a struggle to find healthy options. For the love of all that’s delicious, they’ve taken away all of the hummus!

There are times when I have less than an hour to eat, and having to choose a Food Court option shouldn’t feel like a financial, caloric, and gastronomical punishment.