Artwork created by Braxton Moore
Artwork created by Braxton Moore / Viking

By Cesar Hernandez / Staff Writer

The LBCC student health service provides psychological help for students at LAC in the E Building and PCC EE 102 Monday through Friday. Hours may vary.
Anita Gibbins, director of student health services, described what is offered: “We provide a mental health service for anything that interferes with academic success. Stress, mild depression, anxiety and marriage and relationship services.”

The health services has five people with master’s degrees as interns. Each campus offers help with academics, marriage and relationship problems. Selamawit Habte, an intern, said, “We provide help on campus. Outside of campus, we try to be resourceful as possible in anything a student may need help in life.” Gibbins said, “We want our students to find ways to handle any stressor that is in their way and identify what is causing that and how to overcome that stressor.”

Gibbins also mentioned she would like students to be informed about mental illnesses and know help is available considering the attention mental illness has received in recent shooting events. “We want people to realize mental illness is treatable. We can help the brain chemistry balance. We can increase the help for these students.” In one year, 300 students have requested help with academic and personal stress.

Gibbins said, “Brief solutions focus therapy is where we help students achieve their goals and provide that extra push they may need to accomplish their goal.” People may contact Gibbins at (562) 938-3986 or