By Elizabeth Cheruto / News Editor

Only LBCC Trustees Doug Otto and Roberto Uranga are facing a recall movement, not Trustees Tom Clark and Jeff Kellogg. Los Angeles County election officials confirmed the recall Tuesday, Sept. 16.

Former Student Trustee Jason Troia and co-organizer David Root, 48, an auto body major, launched the recall in April. Root confirmed the recall process is still underway and said they are working on the paper work to meet all the requirements.

The recall was launched after trustees voted to eliminate 11 trade programs in January. The recall has been hampered by paper work errors.

In May Troia led hundreds of students in a protest in support of the recall. There have been several student protests supporting the recall effort.

Jeffrey Kellogg and Thomas Clark had previously been linked to the recall. Kellogg and Clark voted with Otto and Uranga to support a proposal by the LBCC administration and the Board to eliminate the trade programs.