By Edward Mahurien / Managing Editor

As swiftly as the push carts crossed the finish line last Spring, as quickly as the office of Student Life canceled the Mini Grand Prix, it is now back on with certain conditions.

Dean of Student Affairs Connie Sears announced the decision to reinstate the event at the ASB Cabinet meeting Monday, Sept. 9 during the meeting in LL 102 on the PCC. Among the biggest changes, students will now be actively involved in the planning and execution of the event with the lack of funding being made up by three generous donors.

Director of Discipline and Student Life Rosio Becerra, Director of Student Life Anita Gibbins and Sears said they will fund the additional staff hours personally. The financial aspect is a change from staff shortages, which was the original reason for the cancellation. The event is fully funded within the ASB budget. Lack of funding was not cited in their decision to cancel the event.

While the race is officially reinstated, Student Life leaders have set conditions that will save the event this year. Sears told the Cabinet that Student Life does not anticipate the additional funding in staff hours to be necessary in the future if students become the driving force behind the event.

Student Life anticipates funding 360 additional staff hours, or nine weeks of pay for the three day event without the cost known. Cabinet Adviser Derek Oriee said he was happy to see the event saved, noting he’s only missed two races in 24 years.

Taking advice from men’s social service club Aztlan Student Senate representative Diego Navarro’s comment, greater student involvement with the planning and coordination of the event will be utilized. Sears told the Cabinet she wants the race to be student-driven where they will actively plan and coordinate the event to fulfill leadership requirements.

LBCC President Eloy Oakley sees a positive change in Student Life, saying, “The Mini Grand Prix is a college tradition that has proudly been run by and for students.” Oakley added he strongly supports student activities that foster college pride and fully supports the participation of students in the running of the race. Jeri Carter, the former head of PCC Student Life and long-time advocate of the Mini Grand Prix, praised the decision to include students as she says it’s vital to leadership training. “In my opinion, the role of the Student Life staff is to teach leadership. Our main job is to teach students to put on an event.”