By Caleb Ellis / Co-Photo Editor

When elections for the ASB are held and multiple positions are left unfilled on the ballots, it shows the lack of interest by the senate and students.

At the end of last Spring, there were three unfilled positions. I found it incredibly odd since there was so much budget-related turmoil and no one wanted to fill the positions in order to have a say. On election day, I tried to get elected as a write-in candidate.

Unfortunately, I did not get the 50 votes required to fill the position, nor was I ever told how many votes I actually got.
No one knew, or possibly cared, that the elections were even happening to even fill the positions.

At that point, it would make sense to elect the person with the most write-in votes? I don’t know necessarily if it would have even been me, but I do know filling the positions last semester would likely have benefit the overall student population more than holding another election.

I was also told if someone had all but one less than the votes to qualify as a write-in candidate, they would lose to someone that got only one vote as a selected candidate on the ballot. So despite the voice of the students’ writing in more votes for a candidate than whoever was deemed, “appropriate” for the ballot, their voice isn’t enough.

I see a lot of things around campus that students have no say in. I see the “elite” students continue to fill any positions they want, while the majority isn’t aware the positions are available.

I’ve had my fill of red tape shoved down my throat in the last 28 years, but I wish I didn’t have to see it daily at school as well. I am tired of the elite pretending they are representing us, when it never seems to mirror the opinion of the student body. The Cabinet will claim it’s because we can’t attend all of their meetings.

I’m not campaigning that next week you write me in for vice president; I’m campaigning that you get out there and write someone’s name.