Art By Braxton Moore / Viking
Art By Braxton Moore / Viking

The LBCC Mini Grand Prix came to a screeching halt when Student Life coordinators announced that the 38-year tradition would be canceled this school year. The annual event, which is fully funded by the participating clubs and sales from the college services card, draws one of the biggest student crowds on campus, yet was somehow chosen as the first to be cut.
Even after last year’s Cabinet approved an overall 5 percent reduction for the 2013-2014 ASB budget, roughly $5,249 was still allocated toward the MGP. Yet, without any input from the Cabinet or the student body, Student Life coordinators took it upon themselves to cut the MGP from the budget entirely.

Their reasoning—inefficiencies in event staffing.  Naive Community College students, we were under the impression that funds collected through fees we pay might actually go toward funding an event that promotes Viking pride, and creates end-of-the-semester enthusiasm amongst the community and students. Since the $300,000 allocated toward paying the ASB employees’ yearly salaries and benefits was apparently not enough to ensure staffing for the three-day event, the journalism program is offering 1 percent of our total budget to put toward MGP.

We are fairly certain that if otherASB funded programs knew that the MGP was veering toward a dead end; they too would offer a percentage of their budget. Whether the issue is money or manpower, current teachers and alumni have also expressed interest in donating their time to compensate for the supposed staffing shortage.

With more than 30 clubs participating in MGP every Spring, Student Life should have suggested implementing a participation fee to generate additional funds. The staff must think the students are here to serve them and not the other way around because they easily could have tried to mend the gap in the budget and contacted Long Beach businesses to find sponsors.  However, with dozens of past participants left feeling betrayed and outraged, it appears this cut is just another attack on campus morale.