By Robert Fullingim / Staff Writer

Sexual assault against women continues to be a problem on college campuses across the country. The issue has steadily gained awareness from situations like the U.S. v. Morrison Supreme Court case in 2000 to the string of campus rape cases currently being investigated at Occidental College in Los Angeles. Maggie Jessup, the mother of Just Yell Fire founder and CEO Dallas Jessup, said, “Co-eds don’t know they face a 1-in-4 risk of sexual assault and a 1-in-3 chance of dating abuse or other random violence.” Just Yell Fire started in 2006. Founder Dallas Jessup said she chose the name Just Yell Fire because “yelling ‘help’ doesn‘t draw as much attention.” Jessup, a black belt in tae-kwon-do since age 13, has videos on her website,, that demonstrate effective self-defense techniques for women.

Annette Torres, 18, a biology major, is aware of the dangers college women face. Her aunt was a victim of date rape while attending CSU Northridge.
Torres said, “She left her drink unattended at a party and someone spiked it. Since then she has always warned me to be aware and even told me about ways to defend myself.” Torres said, “This is something I will definitely take the time to look at.”

Part of Torres’ reason for wanting to watch the video is because of how she feels about campus security at LBCC. LBPD has offices on both campuses and they are available 24 hours a day. and Police escorts are available for anyone. For those who choose to skip the escort, they recommend to stay in well-lit areas, to keep your property close at all times and to walk in groups for safety.To reach the LBPD offices from campus, people may dial extension 4910, or from a cell (562) 435-6711 which will connect them to the LBPD headquarters. For emergencies dial extension 9911, or 911 from a cell phone.