The holidays are the highlight of the year for students who love them and a lowlight for students who hate them.

People usually take the time to see family, whether or not they are close and be grateful for what they have.

But for most, it is a time of joy and fun more than anything else. With the new 16-week semester, we have six weeks of Winter Break that corresponds more closely to the CSU system.

The longer break gives more opportunities to enjoy new experiences, and for people who have family overseas, more time to spend with each other.

Although the semester has gone by much more quickly, we can now look forward to a well-deserved, lengthy break.

It is a change of pace to see people smiling more often and in a better mood because of the season.

It also is an opportunity to be close with families. It is often hard to get in touch with family throughout the year.

Everyone seems to always be busy doing something or somewhere, too busy to remember what really matters.

Although the holidays may be dismal to some, people have a reason to stop the daily grind and get together to think about what really matters to them.

For others, it is a frustrating and stressful time of the year. It seems that every year the holidays, Christmas especially, seems to be coming around earlier and earlier.

From Black Friday to the end of Christmas, people run around frantically looking for the best deals to get presents.

Massive amounts of money are spent everywhere from gifts to traveling and some people just wait for the holidays to pass so it can be over.

People may even take advantage of the season to slack off and work less, leaving more work for people who do not enjoy the holidays.

Holidays also bring out good in people. Many people find time to be more generous around the holidays.

Many people volunteer for organizations to help people who may not have families and the same good fortune that others have during the holidays.

It is really great to see people doing acts of kindness around this time, and regardless of how people feel about the holidays, it is undeniable that it is heart-warming to see people helping others.

With all the selfishness that may come with the holidays, a lot more selflessness occurs around this time than the rest of the year.

It is always a pleasure to see the lights coming out and people coming together all over the world, regardless of the holiday they are celebrating.