By Max Ward / Co-Sports Editor

ASB Cabinet President Marco Mendoza led the first meeting of the Fall semester in regard to potential changes to the Voyager Shuttle schedule on Monday, Aug. 26 at the LAC. Scheduled on the agenda were topics of terminating the shuttle services and where to reallocate the money used to fund the shuttle service. The meeting included several gallery speakers. Among the speakers was Margie Padron, business support services director. She discussed how LBCC signed a contract with Keolis transportation services in 2008 and 2009.

The contract included two shuttles that traveled every 30 minutes to an hour from the PCC to the LAC Monday through Thursday from 7:30 a.m. until 7 p.m. The district funded the Voyager Shuttle service for students Aug. 26 through Sept. 6. The contract terminated July 23, leaving LBCC staff and the Cabinet with a huge decision to make.

With the district agreeing to fund only half of the shuttle costs, the Cabinet remains divided about whose responsibly it should be to fund the other half. Upon the contract’s termination, the district accepted seven proposals from shuttle bus companies. The district narrowed it down to two proposals, one being 20 passengers for $59 per hour and the other being 26 passengers for $59.61, accumulating to about $64,500 a year. Keolis was willing to present LBCC with two shuttles. While discussing the shuttle services, gallery speaker, Brendan Hayes, Business Support Services Manager, spoke about the Long Beach Transit 176 Zap Line.

The idea of funding a discount on bus passes arose. As of now, the Campus Store sells about $175,000 in monthly bus passes per year at a student-discounted price of $40 per month. Cabinet members discussed subsidizing the money used to fund the shuttle services by applying a $5 donation toward every bus pass purchased. There was also discussion of the Mini Grand Prix cancellation due to lack of staff availability. The funds remain untouched and have not yet been reallocated. The six vacant ASB positions are vice president, secretary, treasurer, LAC student president, representative of environment and representative of communications. The next Cabinet meeting is Monday Sept. 9 on PCC.