By Elizabeth Cheruto / Co-Calendar Editor

A recall effort against four LBCC trustees is still under way despite being rejected three times by Los Angeles County officials, recall leaders say. The recall was launched April 24 after Trustees Douglas Otto, Roberto Uranga, Jeffrey Kellogg and Thomas Clark voted to support a proposal by the LBCC administration and the Board to eliminate 11 trade programs in January. Former Student Trustee Jason Troia who transferred to UC Berkley said, “We will move ahead and file the petition with the registrar’s office in Norwalk when the required paper work is ready.” Troia added that recall effort “is necessary because the Board does not represent the best interest of the students and haven’t for the past 10 years. I have zero confidence with the Board.” Co-organizer David Root, 48, an auto body major, said, “The recall petition represents the opinion of most of the trade students and others students from both campuses.”
“The Board betrayed the students whom they represent and violated their trust. I come from a third generation family who has benefited through the trades program and I want the same for the next generation and that gives me the strength to fight,” said Root.

The recall failed to happen because of clerical layout error, not addressing Otto with his honorable attorney position and a lack of enough required signatures.
Root said they will try as long as it takes to petition through the recall process and they are working on the paper work to meet all the requirements before they file again.
Root concluded they need every student’s support because the issue could affect their programs in the future. LBCC Student Trustee Andrea Donado, 28, a gender studies major, said in the past she was in support of the recall before the last ASB elections, but she has decided not to take a stand this semester.
Donado said, “I have the opportunity to work with the Board to represent the students. I am hoping to have a good relationship with the Board members so I can represent the students effectively.”
Kellogg said, “There is no recall until whoever is behind this effort files the paper work with the county.”
Otto said, “The recall effort was a very unfortunate distraction in the midst of an important and difficult decision by LBCC faculty, administrators, staff, students and trustees. We are now again moving forward in the best interests of the college and our students.” Oakley said, “To date there is no recall that has been authorized by the Los Angeles County Registrar’s office. It is an unfortunate distraction from the work that needs to be done at LBCC to improve opportunities for students to complete their goals.”