By Barry Saks
Copy editor

The ASB Cabinet voted Monday, Nov. 19, to postpone for one week deciding a deal with Long Beach Transit for a Spring semester trial program, where a new route, will connect the two campuses.

The cabinet voted 7-1-1, with Treasurer Kristen Page against and PCC Student Council President Melvin Morgan abstaining on the vote to postpone.

President Rosny Hang proposed the motion.  She said that she was “on the fence” and thought students should be surveyed.

Others in the room pointed out that with Thanksgiving, the motion meant that students could only be surveyed for two days.

Long Beach Transit Chief Administrative Officer and Senior Vice President Marcelle Epley proposed the deal in a letter Oct. 30 to Associate Vice President of PCC Byron Breland.

The letter stated Route No. 176 would run every half hour, Monday through Friday, 6:30 a.m. to 6:30 p.m., beginning Sunday, Feb. 10.

ASB Adviser Derek Oriee explained the deal to the Cabinet.  The total cost would be $100,000.  The ASB would be responsible for $50,000 and the college district would be responsible for the other $50,000.

The ASB now contracts with Diversified Transportation Services for shuttle service running between the two campuses, costing $35,000 a semester.

Oriee also said Diversified Transportation Services has been notified of the possible cancelation of the contract.

In response to concerns raised at the meeting, Oriee said with the deal, the ASB would not have to worry about broken vans, full vans leaving students behind or disrespectful drivers, which there have been “a lot of complaints.”

Payne said the concerns she was hearing regarding the deal were costs, overcrowding, schedule reliability and insufficient handicap accessibility.

She said these were the same concerns with the existing shuttle.

She admitted a risk existed, but argued it was worth it, because if the new deal did not workout, the ASB could always renegotiate a deal with Diversified.